18" X 42" Flottweg Horizontal Solid Bowl Centrifuge
ONE (1) Used Flottweg Continuous Horizontal Solid Bowl Centrifuge,
30 H.P. drive, planetary gear box, on base with feed pipe and covers,

30" X 96" Bird Centrifuge, S/S, 150 Hp, 2450 Rpm
TWO (2) Used Bird Horizontal Continuous Decanter Centrifuges
30" diameter x 96" long bowl, stainless steel construction, Model #4900

NX-314-B-31G Alfa-Laval Centrifuges, S/S
horizontal solid bowl, rated 3.4 KG DM sludge density, hard surfaced conveyor, standard base, hinged top cover, complete less motors, 3250 RPM max. bowl speed, misc. spare parts available.

NX 418 Alfa-Laval Centrifuge, 3 Phase, S/S
stainless steel case and cover, anti-friction roller bearings, Model 250, 160:1 ratio, Planetary Gear Box, 70 MM pitch axial 2 conveyors, hard surfaced, 4000 RPM bowl speed, designed for 3 phase or 2 phase applications, variable speed back drive.

P3000 Sharples Centrifuge, Stainless Steel
4000 RPM maximum bowl speed, 14" diameter x 30" long bowl, rated 25 GPM, complete with P-165 gear box roller bearings, feed tube, stainless steel case and cover, V-Belt Drive

P5000 Sharples Decanter Centrifuge
316 stainless steel bowl, stainless steel case and cover, single lead conveyor with STC tiles, hogged out solids discharge, liquid discharge with adjustable dams, 150 HP main drive, planetary gear box with 40 HP Eddy current back drive, with controls,.


P600 Sharples Centrifuge, Stainless Steel
anti-friction roller bearings, standard case and cover, 5000 RPM,

P660 Sharples Centrifuge, Stainless Steel
Type 316 Stainless Steel Construction, 5 H.P. explosion proof main drive, 1 1/2 H.P. variable speed explosion proof back drive, 6000 RPM max. bowl speed, stainless steel case and cover, anti-friction roller bearing, planetary gear box, complete on base.

PM95000 Sharples Centrifuge, 316 S/S
316 stainless steel construction (product contact surfaces), 2000 RPM maximum bowl speed, 15" single lead conveyor with sintered tungsten carbide wear tiles, 360 degree solids dams, 95:1 gear box, 400 H.P. main drive with fluid coupling, 40 H.P. backdrive assembly with stand, lubrication system, fiberglass top cover,

PM-75000-BD-1, 316 S/S
In 316/317 stainless.Beach angle 10 degrees, grooved. With ribbed bowl liner, 360 degree STC lined cake ports, epicentric liquid ports, gearboxes 95/1 ratio 180,000 inch pounds torque. With 150 HP main drive motors 575/3/60, and 25 HP DC backdrives. Light duty, excellent condition, vintage 1979-1980, with stainless control cabinets.

Sharples P-5400 Decanter Centrifuge
all in 316/317 stainless with P-95-180 gearboxes. With 4 lube systems, 4 feed tubes, 3 - 250 HP motors one burned out, 4 motor bases 3 are good, 4 Baldor Vector drive 50 HP backdrive motors, centrifuges built 1965, 1974, 1975 & 1976. Conveyor pitch to be determined.


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